The Well Anticipated Black Film “7AM” hits the theaters this MLK weekend.


When it comes to moderate independent black films, economics seems to be an enigma rather than a topic for most. Jason Black the director & producer of the upcoming film “7AM” has challenge that rarity. In the film Jason Black travels across the nation interviewing some of the most prominent influential power moguls in today’s world. In the documentary, Jason asked in his interview with Dr. Claude Anderson (author of the best seller “Powernomics”) “why are black people the poorest people on the planet” a question never before in history posed nor directly answered in a film.

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With figures like Dr.Umar Johnson (Pan-Africanist, psychologist), Dr.Claude Anderson (author, business owner) Don Peebles a real estate mogul who owns the largest African real estate in the U.S, all expound on the subject. When asked what was inspirational for making the film, Jason repsonse was

“We live in a world that runs on money and black people are the only people who don’t have anyI want to change the national conversation, we have so many distractions and false conversation instead of actually dealing with the problem”.
Watch “7AM Official Theatrical Trailer” on YouTube
7AM Official Theatrical Trailer

Mr. Black stated the reason he chose the title “7AM” is because every morning when you wake up at 7 a.m you determine how your day is going to end.  “7AM” has been endorsed by Director & Producer of Hidden Colors 1,2,3 Tariq Nasheed as well as economic activist Dr. Boyce Watkins.  “7AM” is the most anticipated independent black film this year, screening in several cities around the U.S as well as London. You can purchase tickets online Click Here To Purchase Tickets